- NetSecure_Locker, to safeguard your LAN Security

Over the last 10 years, the world has become interconnected in ways not previously imaginable. And, despite the best efforts of IT professionals, hackers and criminals become increasingly effective at compromising networks, as new and ever more malicious threats to network security have been quickly developed, and come in all different shapes, forms and styles. To meet the challenge, an intranet access control system, NetSecure, was developed by EQIT to well protect your networks from hijacking or unauthorized use or rogue internet connections.  NetSecure safeguards your LAN security and has been widely deployed in different vertical sectors such as finance, government, education, manufactures and etc.

-NetAuditor, to analyze your problematic network traffic and behaviors

Other than keeping the network secure, quickly and effectively identifying and analyzing the network problematic packets and abnormal network behaviors are also essential to IT professionals.  In January of 2014, EQIT launched NetAuditor to analyze the problematic network traffic as well as behaviors.

Every effort we have made is to strengthen your network protection and to smooth your business operations. NetSecure complemented by NetAuditor guards your networks well. 

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