Certes Networks is the leader in scalable security solutions for high performance networks. Our encryption solutions secure data over any wide area network, data center, or public/private cloud without compromising network availability, application performance or operational visibility. We allow our customers to reduce the risk of data theft or loss without forcing infrastructure changes or performance downgrades.

Our solutions provide standards based encryption and authentication. They are quick to install, easy to manage, and virtually latency free. We offer the highest level of data protection and performance for the lowest total cost.

Our Accomplishments
With more than 75 years of combined management team experience from leading technology companies, Certes Networks leads the industry with the following innovations:

  • The first commercially deployable group encryption technology
  • The first and only global security policy and encryption key management solution that protects any application data flow or network traffic
  • The only solution that allows encryption based on VLAN tag IDs
  • The first full line-rate, low latency gigE encryptor
  • The first native Layer 2 Ethernet frame encryptor
  • The first and only Layer 4 encryptor
  • The first and only set of encryption appliance that operates at Layer 2, Layer 3 or Layer 4
  • The first and still the only Variable Speed Encryptors that customize encryption throughput to match the specific bandwidth need of each network link.

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